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IBM Power Systems with POWER7 Common Technical Sales Skills -v2

Power Systems with POWER7 Common Technical Sales Skills -v2
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Q&A With power systems right Brass, part One

Q&A With vigour methods top Brass, part One

The editorial group from The four Hundred had a pow-wow with the exact brass in the energy and z methods division inside IBM‘s converged techniques and application neighborhood. Tom Rosamilia, who changed into tapped to run both the vigour and mainframe traces at IBM closing August, had been working the mainframe line earlier than that July 2010 reorganization and changed into in charge of the WebSphere line of middleware inside application community before that.

Rosamilia introduced alongside his lieutenants, Ian Jarman, Colin Parris, and Linda Grigoleit, and that i introduced along Alex Woodie and Dan Burger to sit on the round desk. Jarman has been the product marketing supervisor for the AS/four hundred, iSeries, and gadget i traces for a long time and changed into tapped to be the manager of the entire vigor techniques methods application lineup two years in the past. Parris become in cost of the systems software development labs for techniques and know-how neighborhood except last August, when he became named vp and company line manager for the power methods company, working at once for Rosamilia. Grigoleit is the program manager in can charge of the vigor programs tutorial Initiative, which tries to build bridges between IBM and colleges and universities to be certain individuals have the energy techniques skills that companies need.

as a result of this is an extended interview, we’re breaking it into two pieces. I did lots of the yakking originally along with Rosamilia and Jarman, however other people dove into the fray in the 2d half of the interview, which they can run subsequent week.

We started off speaking concerning the Watson query-answer laptop, likely the most popular theme in techniques in the mean time.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: i used to be up at IBM research to peer it, and have talked to David Ferrucci, the lead on Watson, a couple of times, and turned into undoubtedly very enthusiastic about it and just a little terrified by using the theory that this stuff really works. I noticed the clinical diagnostics being executed by using the Columbia university group the use of Watson, and the Jeopardy! video game changed into one component, but that truly drove it home. I consider it is terribly, very pleasing, and i preserve thinking that it's a trick, or it shouldn’t work. americans went nuts studying about Watson, and everybody is trying to determine how does it alternate things. i hope it alterations things in a great way, however I think there are going to be a whole lot of low-level legal professionals eradicated soon in addition to americans who do the type of analysis work that, well, they all do here during this room. some of us might also not have their jobs lots longer because they can be replaced with the aid of a very good professional device.

Tom Rosamilia: I don’t learn about job removal. I think it is in fact an augmentation for significant tips bases which are problematic to digest. The clinical container is an easy example, and also you acquired to look that. Jeopardy! became somewhat of a contrived situation in that in most useful situations they may be related to the internet, and they couldn’t be playing Jeopardy!, and they don’t ought to reply a question in three seconds, and they might enable interaction. And so, if Watson most effective had a 30 % self assurance, possibly you give some greater tips and you see what happens because the self belief stage goes up. which you could in fact drill down and see why is Watson so confident, what doc brought about it to be so confident? And if it is a journal on cardiology, might be it's a document that a physician desires to examine apart from coming to the diagnosis he already has. that you can in reality see the physique of proof that became vital in coming to that suggestion.

The criminal points of that are much more advanced. what is the legal responsibility on this? somebody will say, “The scientific assistant informed me is what it turned into.” however that is true in so many issues.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: That’s actual of the current apply of medication. Anyway, Watson is pleasing, but now I need to speak about the IBM i platform.

We got a gauge of how the company become stepping into the fourth quarter of ultimate 12 months and the first quarter of this year. we're all inquisitive about how the IBM i operating system is doing in terms of shipments, upgrades, and what the bottom feels like. what number of individuals are the use of OS/four hundred V5R3, how many are on V5R4? They comprehend V5R4 assist is probably going to run out in a 12 months or so. How is the uptake of i 6.1? Do people are inclined to go in two steps to get to i 7.1, or are they doing it in a single fell swoop?

Tom Rosamilia: They did see boom within the working equipment as measured by using profits within the fourth quarter closing year and in the first quarter this year. I don’t know that i'd come to the conclusion that they are seeing a resurgence, but it is definitely a degree of renewed interest. they are seeing hobby in 5.4 to 6.1 upgrades, and in order to be on Power7, individuals be aware of they ought to be on i 6.1 or better. individuals have asked us why they don’t just retrofit 5.4 so they wouldn’t require people to stream up, and that’s form of a combined story in that the variety of issues they did in 6.1 was designed to take advantage of the Power7 capabilities. So going there would variety of be a toleration of, now not an exploitation of, the Power7 methods. So they need individuals to stream to six.1 with a view to take abilities of the aspects and functions of the Power7 architecture.

And so they now have seen extra individuals moving. I obtained loads of noise on this once I first acquired to the job final August from my income group, asking why they can’t simply get 5.4 running on Power7. And that noise stage has in fact gone down.

Ian Jarman: we've truly transitioned now to essentially exclusively promoting IBM i 6.1 or 7.1. We’re basically withdrawing marketing of 5.4 coincident with the withdrawal of their final Power6 servers in may additionally. And it's normal in that situation for us, in their average lifecycle, to help 5.4 for at the least one other yr. they have made no announcement in regards to the conclusion of assist for 5.four, however they may still are expecting at the least a year after the withdrawal of marketing.

americans are definitely moving to Power7, and after they circulate to Power7, they want to take abilities of the new capabilities, including integration with external storage. many of these capabilities depend on 6.1 and seven.1, so there’s a herbal development to those new releases.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: Are individuals going straight from V5R4 to 7.1, or do they do it in two steps?

Ian Jarman: i might say that most so far had been going into 6.1, nevertheless it is perfectly feasible to move from 5.four to 7.1. And after I talked with Pete Massiello, the president of ordinary and one of the most individuals who has performed a good deal of work upgrading people to those new releases, he talked about that he is now recommending people go without delay to 7.1. So I suppose we’ll see greater of that, and there's no reason you could possibly do a transition to 7.1.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: you probably have certified an software to run on 6.1, does it relatively a great deal work on 7.1?

Ian Jarman: pretty lots. As you recognize, the stream from 5.four to six.1 required retranslation, and it became a little more advanced than the ordinary unlock-to-release improve. and that is why all ISVs took high-quality care in that certification. youngsters, in evaluation, 6.1 to 7.1 is very standard, and there aren't any barriers to moving between those releases. typically, ISVs will certify, and the large ISVs have certified already on 7.1. So there is not any barrier to relocating to 7.1 and we'd predict the frenzy into 7.1 to be plenty more characteristic of a standard release-to-release upgrade.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: And for the i next release [almost certainly to be called IBM i 8.1], will this be an analogous pattern, not a further requirement for retranslation?

Tom Rosamilia: They don’t anticipate that.

Ian Jarman: They don’t assume any future alternate like that. Technically, the complication relocating from 5.4 to six.1 became that there were nevertheless some very ancient programs that did not have their observability maintained, and once a program has been on 6.1 or 7.1, that will not be an issue again.

Tom Rosamilia: The other component that i'd tell you is that the facts suggests, from a methods software viewpoint including PowerHA, PowerVM, etc, they have seen an important interest, growing a great deal quicker than the underlying hardware as the penetration costs develop. lots of people don’t have these, and you don’t need to buy a brand new field to placed on PowerHA or PowerVM.

So the programs application has been an excellent focal point for us, and they have a dedicated income drive round this now, which they now have not ever had earlier than. And the increase quotes for us within the third quarter, fourth quarter, and now the first quarter of this 12 months have all been in the 30 % range for the mixture of all techniques application, including the working gadget. That’s AIX, IBM i, PowerHA, and PowerVM.

in case you feel about it, the working techniques are typically reducing that, so the growth costs could be even higher if I separated out just PowerVM and PowerHA. actually, they might be up in the 50 % latitude. here's exactly what they are attempting to do. They desire their consumers to be aware the price of the programs utility that unlocks a lot of the vigor of Power7. So they now have individuals doing more virtualization and doing excessive availability, whether it's on IBM i or AIX–it’s all good.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: What’s the penetration for PowerVM and PowerHA? i know that energy programs has a really good attach price compared to X64 servers, for example, mainly on the bigger vigor systems machines working OS/400 and IBM i. and then the AIX guys kicked it in with lower fees and stronger functionality. So where’s it at now? what is the regular vigor 720 customer doing? Are almost all of them the usage of PowerVM?

Ian Jarman: It varies by means of the dimension of the customer and the size of the machine, absolutely. And it also varies counting on whether you are speaking about AIX or IBM i. within the Unix house, between Power5 and Power6, there become a factor of three raise in the adoption of PowerVM. in case you examine Power7, on their excessive-end machines, the adoption of PowerVM is pretty much 100%.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: Which is what it became years ago on large servers working OS/400 and IBM i.

Ian Jarman: correct. The colossal users of IBM i are all the usage of PowerVM. And once they ask the people right here running it on smaller machines like vigor 720s and 740s, it's a good deal reduce.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: Is it 50 percent? Is it 30 p.c? if you appear on the business commonplace for brand spanking new server earnings of every kind, it is only 20 percent.

Tom Rosamilia: now not even. And while that number keeps transforming into, I don’t feel their numbers on these courses of machines are tons distinctive from what you possibly can find with VMware. it's growing to be, but there’s a great deal left to do. and that's why the utility numbers are outpacing the hardware numbers.

[During his keynote at COMMON, Rosamilia cited statistics from McKinsey & Co that said CPU utilization on servers averaged around 5 percent globally a few years ago, and has doubled to 10 percent of total CPU capacity. “If you are in marketing, that’s 100 percent growth, two times,” he said to big laughs. “We’ve got a long way to go.” Obviously, on X64 boxes, which do not have a subsystem architecture in their operating systems like IBM mainframe and OS/400 machines do, you need virtualization hypervisors to take the place of proper workload management so you can drive the utilization on servers up higher. The penetration of hypervisors on Windows machines, which have the worst workload management, should in my estimation eventually exceed that of IBM i and z/OS machines among SMB customers.]

Timothy Prickett Morgan: Are people generally virtualization energy programs machines to put on assorted IBM i images, or are they including AIX and Linux to machines to help infrastructure workloads, too? What does the spread look like now?

Ian Jarman: For IBM i consumers, it is basically to have multiple IBM i partitions.

Tom Rosamilia: And there is an identical thing round AIX. I don’t know that we've that many heterogeneous AIX and IBM i environments. it's primarily simply cranking out a hundred and fifty or 200 pictures.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: The IBM mainframe is the exact contrary. you have got loads of sites that have loads of Linux and loads of MVS. I meant z/OS–i'll under no circumstances get that right.

Tom Rosamilia: On the mainframe aspect, they now have around four,000 consumers global. About a 3rd of them–about 1,300 of them–have Linux someplace of their commercial enterprise. The enormous majority of them have co-location of zOS and Linux on the mainframe. They really seeing the emergence of a small group presently–around 30–who best have Linux and do not have any z/OS. They call that an enterprise Linux Server, and it is starting to develop and we're seeing increased activity in keeping with the variety of work that can run there.

We’re without doubt still during this atmosphere–and you've got viewed us talk about it–the place there are certain workloads that just lend themselves to running in definite environments approach superior than others. I mean that technically and economically. And so their world is one through which one dimension doesn’t healthy all. They in reality firmly believe we've incredible X86 offerings, we've super vigour-based mostly offerings, and they now have wonderful mainframe offerings, and they wouldn’t encourage americans to do to a least-regular-denominator and just run everything on one equipment.

The Watson equipment is a very good instance of a workload to run on vigour. That wouldn't have made a good equipment to run on z.

only a second. There become a squinting of eyes. I just want to see what that meant.

Timothy Prickett Morgan: i used to be just envisioning what size mainframe can be required to run Watson.

Tom Rosamilia: It’s not so an awful lot dimension. The reason for my remark is that the z system has the fastest microprocessor and the quickest uniprocessor performance within the business. That isn't basically what they are looking for in the Jeopardy! system. With that equipment, they desired to head vastly multithreaded, and the proven fact that they threw 2,880 cores at it and the capability to support four threads per core gave us the skill to chase 10,000 ideas at a time. I wouldn’t run that workload on a mainframe. Mainframes are run for their excessive I/O quotes. This system did no I/O, and it had 15 TB of RAM and the speed between the RAM and the processors is what definitely gave us the capabilities.

conclusion of part One. search for part Two next week.

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