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IBM Managed File Transfer Technical Mastery Test v1

IBM Managed File Transfer Technical Mastery Test v1 test
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IBM Ultrastar 146Z10

November twenty second, 2002 by way of eugene IBM Ultrastar 146Z10 Capacities mannequin number potential IC35L146UWDY10 147 GB IC35L073UWDY10 73 GB IC35L036UWDY10 36 GB IC35L018UWDY10 18 GB Lowest true-Time expense: Introduction

In last 12 months's seventy three GB 10,000 RPM SCSI heat, IBM became with ease the final company to convey their entry into the channel. just about a yr gave the impression to move between the time-honored availability of the Cheetah 73LP and the Ultrastar 73LZX, the latter best fitting widely attainable early this calendar 12 months. The overtime unluckily did not assist huge Blue's pressure; reckoning on the utility, disks from Maxtor and Fujitsu have been more compelling.

IBM managed this fast time-to-market throughout the utilization of lessen-capacity platters. while the flagship Cheetah 10K.6, Fujitsu's MAP3146, and the upcoming Maxtor Atlas 10k IV all utilize four 36-gigabyte disks, the 146Z10 makes use of 6 platters that save simply beneath than 25 GB each and every. IBM specs the drives average examine are searching for times at four.7 milliseconds. An 8-megabyte buffer and 5 year warranty circular out the equipment.

there's been a lot speculation running rampant on the merger of IBM and Hitachi's hard disk divisions into a brand new separate entity. based on their contacts at IBM, however, the 146Z10 is still a pure massive Blue product. the new company isn't anticipated to merge technologies or product plans except the transition is complete.

Back of the drive

The 146Z10 is without doubt one of the first Ultra320 SCSI drives to hit their testbed. Ultra320's most particularly-touted feature, of path, is a rise in the throughput ceiling to 320 MB/sec. take into account that the current transfer expense champion, the Cheetah 15K.three, pushes 76 MB/sec in its outer sectors. while figures like these threaten Ultra2 SCSI's eighty MB/sec barrier, Ultra160's 160 MB/sec restrict keeps loads of headroom. It is just in multi-pressure eventualities that 160 MB/sec bottlenecks can come up. Their base force assessments take place with a single unit because the simplest energetic machine on the host adapter. In any such setup, any efficiency advantages that Ultra320 (along with the requisite larger-bandwidth 64-bit PCI slots) would carry over one hundred sixty are negligible. For their efficiency checks, we're going to take advantage of the specification's backwards compatibility and run the power in Ultra160 mode off of their present host adapter. keep in mind that more advantageous bandwidth is only one of the merits that Ultra320 provides. a host of advancements in protocol and mistake correction may still raise facts integrity and machine interoperability to new degrees.

Low-stage effects

For diagnostic purposes most effective, StorageReview measures the following low-stage parameters:

standard examine access Time- a standard of 25,000 random accesses of a single sector each and every carried out through IPEAK SPT's AnalyzeDisk suite. The high pattern measurement makes it possible for a plenty more accurate studying than most ordinary benchmarks bring and offers a superb figure with which one can also distinction the claimed access time (claimed are seeking time + the power spindle speed's general rotational latency) supplied by way of manufacturers.

WB99 Disk/study switch fee - begin- The sequential switch price attained through the outermost zones within the hard disk. The figure usually represents the optimum sustained switch cost a force gives you.

WB99 Disk/read switch expense - conclusion- The sequential transfer price attained by way of the innermost zones within the complicated disk. The determine customarily represents the bottom sustained switch expense a power offers.

For extra assistance, please click right here.

observe: scores on true are stronger.

The Ultrastar 146Z10 turns in a typical study access time of 8.4 milliseconds, a determine somewhat on the high facet when contrasted with the competitors. Subtracting three milliseconds to account for the normal rotational latency of a 10,000 RPM spindle speed yields a regular measured read are looking for time of 5.4 ms… neatly off big Blue's four.7 ms declare.

an average write access time of 8.7 milliseconds is nearer to that of competing drives. simplest Seagate's Cheetah 10K.6 manages to distinguish itself here.

observe: ratings on accurate are better.

though it aspects a reduce areal density than some opponents (25 GB/platter vs 36/GB platter), the Ultrastar on the other hand turns in a respectable outer-zone switch cost of sixty five.1 MB/sec. as the check strikes inwards, besides the fact that children, the force exhibits huge decay with internal-zone prices weighing in at simply 36.2 MB/sec.

Single-consumer efficiency

StorageReview makes use of right here assessments to determine non-server use: workplace DriveMark 2002- A seize of 30 minutes of exact desktop productivity use that exactingly recreates a typical workplace-vogue multitasking environment. The purposes include: Outlook XP, be aware XP, Excel XP, PowerPoint XP, Calypso (a freeware e mail customer), SecureCRT v3.3 (a telnet/SSH client), CuteFTP professional v1.0 (an FTP/SSH client), ICQ 2000b), Palm Hotsync four.0, Gravity 2.3 (a Usenet/newsgroups client), PaintShop pro v7.0, Media participant v8 for the occasional MP3, and information superhighway Explorer 6.0. excessive-conclusion DriveMark 2002- A trap of VeriTest's content creation Winstone 2001 suite. functions encompass Adobe Photoshop v5.5, Adobe most effective v5.1, Macromedia Director v8.0, Macromedia Dreamweaver v3.0, Netscape Navigator v4.seventy three, and Sonic Foundry Sound Forge v4.5. unlike regular productivity functions, high-end audio- and video- modifying courses are run in a extra serial and fewer multitasked manner. The high-end DriveMark includes drastically more sequential transfers and write (as hostile to examine) operations. Bootup DriveMark 2002- A capture of the fairly peculiar windows XP bootup method. home windows XP's boot procedure comprises significantly different access patterns and queue depths than those found in different disk accesses. This test recreates windows XP's bootup from the initial bootstrap load the entire strategy to initialization and loading of here memory-resident utilities: Dimension4 (a time synchronizer), Norton Antivirus 2002 AutoProtect, Palm Hotsync v4.0, and ICQ 2000b. Gaming DriveMark 2002- A weighted standard of the disk accesses featured in 5 widespread workstation games: Lionhead's Black & White v1.1, Valve's Half-life: Counterstrike v1.3, Blizzard's Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction v1.09b, Maxis's The Sims: house party v1.0, and Epic's Unreal tournament v4.36. games, of path, are not multitasked- all five titles were run in a serial style featuring approximately half an hour of play time per game.

For extra suggestions, please click here.

word: rankings on desirable are stronger.

desktop efficiency Graphs (in I/Os per 2d) SR high-conclusion DriveMark 2002's workplace DriveMark 2002 pegs the Ultrastar 146Z10 at 433 IOs/sec. though within miraculous distance of Seagate's Cheetah 10K.6, the 146Z10 cannot keep up with Fujitsu's class-leading MAP3146.

This state of affairs plays itself out across all different desktop DriveMark suites. The SR Bootup DriveMark 2002, a examine that features strangely high queue depths, is of certain be aware. Fujitsu's MAP excels whereas the Ultrastar stumbles, yielding a giant margin of forty four%.

Multi-user performance

StorageReview uses the following checks to assess server performance: File Server DriveMark 2002- a mix of synthetically-created reads and writes via IOMeter that makes an attempt to mannequin the heavily random access that a dedicated file server experiences. particular person tests are run beneath loads with 1 I/O, four I/Os, 16 I/Os, and 64 I/Os fantastic. The Server DriveMark is a easy at-a-look figure derived from the weighted ordinary of results acquired from the four diverse masses. net Server DriveMark 2002- a mixture of synthetically-created reads via IOMeter that attempts to model the closely random entry that a dedicated internet server experiences. individual exams are run below hundreds with 1 I/O, 4 I/Os, sixteen I/Os, and 64 I/Os extraordinary. The Server DriveMark is a effortless at-a-glance figure derived from the weighted ordinary of results got from the four diverse masses.

For extra suggestions click here.

note: rankings on accurate are improved.

Server performance Graphs (in I/Os per 2nd) SR File Server DriveMark 2002 SR web Server DriveMark 2002

IBM's force, whereas aggressive with the Atlas 10k III, cannot rather keep up with next-era drives from Seagate and Fujitsu in multi-user eventualities.

Legacy performance

eTesting Lab's WinBench ninety nine Disk WinMark assessments are benchmarks that try to measure computing device efficiency through a reasonably dated recording of high-level purposes. despite their age, the Disk WinMarks are slightly of an industry general. the following consequences serve most effective as a reference; SR doesn't component them into final judgments and recommends that readers do the identical.

note: rankings on proper are stronger.

Legacy performance Graphs (in megabytes per 2nd) ZD company Disk WinMark 99 ZD excessive-conclusion Disk WinMark ninety nine heat and Noise

Idle Noise- The sound pressure emitted from a force measured at a distance of 18 millimeters. The shut-field dimension permits for multiplied resolution between pressure sound pressures and eliminates interactions from outside environmental noise. note that whereas the size is an A-weighted decibel ranking that weighs frequencies in share to human ear sensitivity, a low ranking does not necessarily predict whether or now not a force will exhibit a excessive-pitch whine that some may discover intrusive. Conversely, a high ranking does not necessarily indicate that the pressure reveals an intrusive noise envelope.

internet pressure Temperature- The optimum temperature recorded from a sixteen-factor sample of a power's excellent plate after it has been under heavy load for 80 minutes. The figures supplied are internet temperatures representing the difference between the measured pressure temperature and ambient temperature.

For more counsel, please click on right here.

be aware: scores on good are greater.

Idle Noise (in dB/A @ 18mm) internet power Temperature (in levels celsius)

There become a time when IBM SCSI drives had been renown for their quiet operation. The Ultrastar 9ES's aggregate of respectable speed and quiet/cool operation comes to intellect.

Technical limitations sadly precluded SR from aim sound force degree measurements of the Ultrastar 146Z10. As described in their methodology article, they use an AT energy deliver with its fan disabled to achieve as quiet an ambient ambiance as feasible. The 146Z10, however, can't be powered up with no reside host adapter connection which requires introduction of extra machine that adversely affects the ambient background.

Subjectively speaking, however, the force's idle noise is significantly bigger than that exhibited by the Cheetah 10K.6 or the MAP3735. notwithstanding there may be a noticeable high-pitched squeal, the vast majority of noise comes in a midrange "hum." The 146Z10 also reveals a recalibration hobbies similar to that of the Ultrastar 73LZX. every minute or so, when idle, the power screeches and chirps away for about a 2nd, a great deal extra intrusive than the drive's regular are searching for noise.

At 31.6 levels Celsius above ambient, the 146Z10's operating temperature weighs in significantly larger than competing offerings. One may still accept as true with lively cooling when integrating the force into a equipment not housed in a dedicated server room.


The Reliability Survey aims to amalgamate particular person reader experiences with quite a few tough disks into a complete warehouse of assistance from which meaningful outcomes may be extracted. A multiple-layer filter sifts via accrued information, silently omitting questionable outcomes or outcomes from questionable contributors. A proprietary evaluation engine then techniques the qualified dataset. SR gifts effects to readers through a percentile rating system.

based on filtered and analyzed statistics collected from collaborating readers, the IBM Ultrastar 146Z10 is more legit than of the different drives within the survey that meet a certain minimal flooring of participation.

in line with filtered and analyzed statistics accumulated from participating readers, a predecessor of the IBM Ultrastar 146Z10, the IBM Ultrastar 73LZX , is more authentic than of the different drives in the survey that meet a definite minimal floor of participation.

observe that the percentages in bold above may exchange as more suggestions is still accrued and analyzed. For extra counsel, to input your experience with these and/or different drives, and to view finished effects, please consult with the SR power Reliability Survey.


We're disappointed to report that they can't suggest the Ultrastar 146Z10. Fujitsu's MAP3146 offers improved performance, lower heat and noise levels, and a lower platter count. Excepting manufacturer loyalty, there isn't any motive to opt for the Ultrastar over Seagate's Cheetah 10K.6 and particularly over the Fujitsu.

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