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Lands and Islands, Rivers and Lakes, Birds, Beasts and vegetation

one of the most exuberant picture books of the 12 months (and one of the vital wonderful publishing preparations) is THE HAWAIIANS (Walker, $13.50 to Dec. 25, then $15) an all‐colour documentary that fair ly explodes on web page after page with clean delights, like a forty two dish rijstaff el bouncing off one's palate for the primary time. Oh, the cowboys with the plant life in their hats are right here, and so are the local girls of Gargan tuan girth . . . Then, , we're on the edge of Kilaua Crater taking sparkling lava samples with a geochemist appropriate up for a march on the moon. we're with the fisher guys casting for moi on Maui— but we're additionally breath‐near the hideous mask of a Noh character in a prep‐school drama, alongside a skeleton in a burial cave—and, somehow or different, on the ground of the Pa cific looking at a submersible analysis vehicle sniffing across the fish.

The images—sensitive, innovative, irrepressible — is the only work of Robert good man. in many approaches it has that no‐scrimp seem of the countrywide Geographic, the place he turned into staff photographer. For “The Hawaiians” he had 10 years to work—lengthy even by means of Geograph ic specifications — and enjoyed heavy assist from deepest in dustry. The textual content by means of Gavan Daws (a historian) and Ed Sheehan (a talented observer in the Jimmy Cannon lifestyle) is frequently both as ornamental and as penetra ting as Goodman's lens.

less a success, at least as Hawaiiana, is Robert Wenkam's MAUI. The ultimate Hawaiian vicinity (McCall, $27.50). extra of a foyer than a book, it really works against its prescribed purpose: that Halekala countrywide Park in East Maui need to be enlarged because it is the closing region the place a large piece of historic Hawaii will also be preserved.

To this end, the troops were called out. not basically Wenkam's seascapes, aerial pictures (he flies his own plane), and, repetitively, the brown cones of the volcanic park, but forewards by the president of the pals of the Earth, which backed the publication; an intro duction by using Charles Lindbergh (through which volcanoes “vomit”); an announcement via Congresswoman Patsy Mink (of Maui); and one other through the Mayor of Maui County. The paintings course left me perplexed. best once, in a full‐sized spread of a pasture land through the ocean, did the pic tures take talents of the ebook's dimensions.

through comparison Hodding motor vehicle ter, that old and depended on hand, has a simpler time in MAN AND THE RIVER: The Missis sippi. (Rand McNally, $14.95)'although the book is sprinkled with serviceable images with the aid of Dan Guravich, it is Carter, the Greenville editor, who contains the mail. He messes around briefly with the Mesozoics and the Cenozoics, and he pays a

responsibility name on Minnesota where the waters begin. but he plays his blue notes highest quality on the reduce river, someplace south of Cairo, ill.

he is in Memphis with Davy Crockett and W. C. convenient and Boss Crump; in New Orleans with Andy Jackson and the liver pirates; at Vicksburg with supply; and he recalls Lincoln hearing of the victory on the Mississippi, and writing “the father of the Waters once more goes unvexed to the ocean.”

For L'Enovi, Guravich sup plies a color portfolio from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mex ico, while Carter does an obbligato in italicized text that amongst other delights, samples the pleasures of catfish and hush domestic dogs beside a dark river. only those who have tried it, Carter says, recognize well the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

no longer all of their scenic heritage lies within the beauty of their land. France has its chateaux in the Loire, Italy has the Palladian villas of Vicenza. England has

its Stately buildings. the us has developed, through no pre destined social design, an im pressive roster of superb properties, noteworthy for fashion, design or historic associations — and, every now and then, for all three. short of reading someone else's mail, there looks to be nothing more compelling than looking inside someone else's condominium, a elaborate that has grew to become into potent tourism.

at the least three albums about residences have recently arrived in the bookstores—and do not ship a frail clerk to fetch a copy without a wheelbarrow. Of the three that lie closely at hand, A TREASURY OF brilliant AMER ICAN residences by way of Henry Lionel Williams and Ottalie okay. Wil liams (Putnam's, $17.ninety five) chooses 30 mansions for his or her dependent design and for his or her appoint ments. The publication's accent is architectural: the houses had been picked for grandeur, no longer background. lots of them usually are not generally familiar outside their local enviornment. loads of color, flooring plans, interior detail — and no‐nonsense text.

Phyllis Lee Levin's excellent historical properties OF AMER ICA (Coward‐McCann, $19.95 to Jan. 1, then $22.50) is a greater romantic work, the names and addresses standard and some times (perhaps) glaring. She chooses homes for his or her asso ciations, their significance and their memories — Longfellow's apartment at Cambridge, Mark Twain's at Hartford, Washing ton Irving's Sunnyside at Tarrytown, Teddy Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill, La Fortzelaza in San Juan, and even the White condominium. The images are clear and infrequently colourful, and the text is heat and intimate, as crammed with chatty aspect as an historical aunt who knew the family unit.

you may scarcely write about rooms without writing about the residences that include them, so that Rita Reif's TREASURE ROOMS of american MAN SIONS, MANORS AND homes (Coward‐McCann, $19.ninety five to Jan. 1, then $22.50) frequently covers the same enviornment as the above‐guys tioned Williams work. Mrs. Reif has additionally been to Oatlands and Stan Hywet corridor and Bayou Bend in Houston—but she additionally has come up with Boscobel, (the mansion restored via the De Witt Wallaces at Garrison on‐Hudson), Van Cortlandt Manor and Philipsburg Manor (two of the Rockefeller Re storations in Westchester Coun ty), and Carter's Grove, the dazzling house that has re cently been pieced into the Williamsburg quilt. The pic tures are brilliantly reproduced (275 of them, in color and black and white, certainly not below one on a page.)

it will be beneficial if these

condominium‐book authors had anything to assert for the visitors who might be ‘knocking on the gates, telling the place the residences are, how they can most fulfilling be reached, when they are open, if (like Boscobel) they've Sound and light displays, if (like Sunnyside), they have picnic amenities. Or certainly, if the moats can be breached at all.

there is nothing fatiguable about Martin Hiirlimann, who seems to be churning out books on Japan one season and revis ing an earlier work on France the subsequent. He has fetched up now in VIENNA (Viking, $14), and the ask yourself is what has stored him from mining that mom lode. A former track critic and a Swiss, Mr. Hiirli mann's associations with Vienna go again more than 50 years. His portrayal, ultimately, for which he has finished each photos and text, is surgically clear, hung on a framework of history, heavy on the music, easy on the Schlag.

in the identical Studio ebook good as Hiirlimann is an analogous shuttle book with the aid of Graham Fin layson and Frank Tuohy, POR TUGAL (Viking, $14). Say “an identical” in that both are opu lent, as full of images as a trip‐agent's scrapbook, and as orderly as a librarian's card file. Tuohy has written an alto gether felicitous text. The pub lishers have added to its amiable air via printing it in huge lux urious classification on heavy textured stock. Finlayson's images are both heat and descriptive, and lest anything be left doubtful about them, the creator has explanations in a separate set of notes.

THESE SPLENDORED ISLES (Walker, $22.50), however, is a photographer's display, in this case on Japan. Yoichi Midorikawa presents 119 colour photos of his land with out ever once showing a Jap anese face. The pictorial consequences are excellent, but as singular as Japan may well be, very nearly all the tableaux could have been taken in any seagirt nation in a temperate zone. most effective once does the reduce of a sail on ship, the one trace of existent humanity, say “Orient.”

To enhance this one‐man show, there are some notes on eastern country wide parks and a foreword through William 0. Douglas, the season's most accepted pre face creator. He has also seasoned vided the 2d “fascinating” ebook i discussed in my lead, THE desirable LAND. Amer ica in pictures (Scribner's, $9.95). This assortment of inventory photos is meant to dis play the glories of the us. In Justice Douglas's foreword, The captivating Land is going to pol lutive hell in a handbasket. ■

At no time has so a whole lot natural world of the realm, and man himself, been so threatened with the aid of pollutants of air, water and land—the features upon which all lifestyles depends. With the news headlines of the previous year or two proclaiming the environmental crisis, documented and publicized by way of scien tists and environmental protection groups, it's all to the decent that several of the authors of the existing crop of nature or herbal‐heritage books focus on their predicament both believe ingly and wisely, and with studying and literary skill. Most have com bined with photographers or artists to demonstrate in remarkable reproductions one of the priceless treasures they stand to lose.

In wildlife crisis (Cowles, $14.95) by way of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and James Fisher, we

Mr. Terres, biologist and conser vationist, is former editor of Audubon journal. His newest book is “Laurel Hill to Siler's bathroom: The walking advert ventures of a Naturalist.”

have one of the crucial important wild existence conservation books of their time, one if you want to stand, I accept as true with, with Rachel Carson's “Silent Spring.” it is scholarly, personal, and stimulating, with a tremendously quotable textual content mostly by the late Mr. Fisher. The narrative traces human history from the start ning of man as a species some 200,000 years in the past to the current, describes man's members of the family with wild animals and the issues of leading taining the realm's wildlife these days and what they will do about them. Fisher, the creator of many books about wild life, died Sept. 29, at age 58 from accidents got in an automobile accident.

“flora and fauna crisis” also has a preface and first-class very own testimonial—“lifestyles and natural world”—by Prince Philip, with reproductions in black and white of 30 or greater of his premiere flora and fauna pictures, and forewords by using Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and Peter Scott, eminent British con servationist. The leading textual content is illus trated with art work and color pho tographs; there is a remaining illustrated section, “Extinct and Endangered Birds and (endured on page 70) Mammals of the area,” and an epilogue with the aid of Stewart L. Udall, former Secretary of the interior. The publication is indexed and has a listing of chosen refer ences. tremendously suggested.

Three contemporary books combine incredible photography with powerful environmental messages. EVERGLADES (Sierra club, $27.50) with an introduction by means of Paul Brooks, and has textual content and picture captions from the writings of Peter Matthiessen. In his introduction, Brooks writes: “The interpretation of desolate tract is a refined artwork. Of all their remaining wild areas, the Florida Everglades can per haps advantage most from the professional fessional potential of the photog rapher and the creator in educating their eyes to look and their minds to take into account.”

simplest an organized battle by conservationists in Florida and help by using other organizations right through the country saved the Everglades these days from destruction by using pollutants and loss of water from a proposed jetport at the northern boun dary of Everglades national Park. The project turned into halted in 1969, however conservationists assume that pressures for it is going to rise once more.

In below half a century, constructions and other advance ments have decreased the Ever glades to half its original dimension; the the rest could disappear in a generation. Two full‐page colour maps of south Florida (1870 and 1970) reveal strik ingly the changes inside one hundred years. Peter Matthiessen's fabulous narration tells us what the Everglades has been—and nevertheless is—its primitive beauty and tragic historical past, and the recent dire, nonetheless‐poised threats to the outstanding south Florida ecosystem from a per

sisting frontier philosophy, the army Engineers, the Pentagon, deepest possession and commer cial exploitation.

sophisticated: Portrait of a Liv ing Lake (Harper & Row, $22.50 to Dec. 31, then $25) has images by way of Charles Stein hacker, artist in home at Wesleyan school, a textual content drawn from the journals and other writings of early shuttle ers to Lake advanced between 1650 and 1880, assembled and edited by means of Arno Karlen, and a foreword by means of Gaylord Nelson, Senator and former Governor of Wisconsin.

superior is the world's largest body of sparkling water— about 32,000 square miles and contains materials of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and the Province of Ontario. it is the only 1 of the extremely good Lakes that nevertheless has pretty much the identical unspoiled wild elegance viewed with the aid of its first explorers 300 years in the past.

“Left to itself,” writes Sena tor Nelson, “the lake would re main pure for many lots of years,” nevertheless it is threatened by means of a hundred cities, towns and districts whose wastes are dis charged at once into the lake or its drainage system. greater than 60 industries now pollute it, and one certain mining plant dumps more than 60,000 lots of taconite tailings into the lake day to day. Senator Nel son tells us what must be carried out to shelter sophisticated's future.

The 66 excellent photographs with the aid of a gifted young photog rapher‐20 are double pages— of superior's islands, forests, waters and rocky seashores, in storm and sunshine, are exam ples of landscape and wilder ness images at its most reliable.

APPALACHIAN WILDER NESS: The exquisite Smoky Mountains (Dutton, $25 to Jan. 1, then $30) has images by Eliot Porter and textual content through Edward Abbey. Porter's color pictures are, during this re viewer's opinion, sufficient rea

son for possessing this book‐45 that seize for us all the poetry of the seasons in these historic hills, from the elfin woodland floor to the rugged, smoky, mountaintops.

The temper of the text by way of Edward Abbey, creator of “wasteland Solitaire,” novelist, and sometime park ranger, is strikingly distinct from those of the pictures. The narra tion is full of personal his tory and the heritage of those hills; it's from time to time angry or sad, and interspersed with quotations from naturalists, novelists, poets, statesmen, and historians. It is essentially about the people—Cherokees and mountain guys of Appalachia and the adjustments in their lives led to by way of private greed and corporate vigour, chiefly the devastating consequences of strip mining, of over‐tourism and pressures for extra roads that may ultimately wreck extraordinary Smoky national Park. Abbey suggests some elementary and workable corrections, and Harry M. Caudill, a stanch de fender, writer of “night involves the Cumberlands,” has con tributed a stirring epilogue of the heart and heritage of Appa lachian problems.

BIRDS OF THE eastern woodland: 2 (Houghton Mifflin, $20 to Dec. 31, then $25), with art work via J. Fenwick Lans downe and text via John A. Livingston, is a associate vol ume to “Birds of the jap forest: 1” by the same artist and author, posted in 1968. The existing good-looking extent follows the pattern of the first, with a foreword by means of Livingston, Canadian naturalist, and for mer Director and President of the Audubon Society of Can ada, that tells us whatever thing of the ancestry of birds and the latest chance to them from DDT.

He has also written a con cise and colourful text for every of 60 perching or tune birds— from blue jay to track sparrow

—painted by way of Lansdowne, who does tremendously sensitive snap shots of birds. I bear in mind that, at Audubon condo in big apple some 15 years ago, Lansdowne, also a Canadian, had his first exhibit during this country. at the moment his work acquired lots important acclaim, and in his cur hire publication he again demon strates that he is an artist of super big difference.

WILD plants OF the united states: The South western States (McGraw‐Hill, three materials, boxed, $52.50), edited via William C. Steere, with text with the aid of Harold W. Rickett of the new york Botanical Gardens and illustrated with color pho tographs. here is extent 4 (con sisting of three one at a time certain ingredients) of this incredible series of quick biographies of wild plant life of their nation of which extent 1, “The North eastern States.” volume 2, “The Southeastern States,” and Vol ume three, “Texas,” have been pub lished. The latest extent de scribes and illustrates a splen did community of wild flowers that grow from under sea degree in dying Valley up to the 12;000 foot peaks of southern Califor nia, New Mekico and Arizona. as a minimum 6,000 species of flow ering plants are primary from this location, of which about three,000 are handled here—from lilies to hawkweeds— however ex cluding the trees and shrubs and certain weeds, sedges and grasses that have no popular vegetation.

The series has been organized for the novice botanist and wild‐flower lover, and publica tion has been financed via many individuals, the country wide Com mittee for the Wild flora of the USA, and through nu merous foundations and trusts. The volumes are committed “To David and Peggy Rockefeller, devoid of whose enthusiasm and generosity these books could not were written, illus trated, or published.”

the nature OF lifestyles (Crown, $15 to Dec. 25 then $17.50) is a big, good-looking book, plentifully illustrated with excessive high-quality color and black and white photos. The leisurely textual content by way of Lorus and Margery Milne, authors of some 25 books about plant and ani mal life, has a nearly over whelming amount of informa tion, along with own ob servations of the authors re lating to all the continents and a few of the remotest islands of the world. The book is a vast survey of the earth from its starting place and through its evo lution to their current—a scien tific heritage of geology, flora and animals, and with a last I chapter in regards to the spread of man—the “cultured primate” —and what he has executed and is doing to the life of the area and to himself.

I even have read many of the award‐successful “year of the Whale” posted in 1969, has once more written a fictional story, in line with truth. This time the area is an Alaskan fur seal and her companions within the terrific herd of greater than a mil lion animals on the Pribiloff Islands in Bering Sea. besides the sustaining activity of the story, written in clear prose, you can still get an knowing of the function of the biologist— his box researches and man agement of the seal herd in terms of its environment, and why probably the most seals are cropped (killed) yearly. Scheffer has brought up the ration ality of the killing—it is nec essary to the health and per petuation of the neighborhood—and doesn't take facets on even if or now not it's morally wrong. a thrilling story, neatly advised.

among the ANIMALS OF AFRICA (Stein & Day, $12.50) is a different great booklet—his fifth about Africa — by way of Bernhard Grzimek (pron. “Chimek”), Ger man zoologist, conservationist and author of the memorable “Serengeti Shall now not Die.” This one is concerning the creator's ex periences in returning zoo‐saved chimpanzees to Africa, of ele phants, big snakes, croco diles, giraffes, lions, camels, rhinoceroses, ostriches, and different animals, with tons new information about them that analysis reports have revealed. it's illustrated with a lot of Grzimek's colour pictures. besides his ability as a skillful photographer, Grzimek writes effortlessly, gracefully, and often with exhilaration and admiration for his animal subjects, the americans of Africa and their re markable efforts to preserve the natural world of their continent.

In Eric Robins's THE EBONY ARK: Black Africa's combat to store Its Wild existence (Taplinger, $6.50), illustrated with black and white photos and 1970 map of Africa, they have additional solutions to the situation of conservationists of some 10 years in the past about the destiny of the terrifi African fauna aft er the black countries had won their independence. Robins, journalist in Africa for 15 years, and author of “Animal Dunkirk” and other books, re ports the wonderful progress of the African individuals and their Gov ernments in safeguarding their still awesome fauna.

The Africans are set up ing further and further countrywide parks, are vigorously give protection to ing animals in them from poachers, and have established faculties for the working towards of Africans in ecology with a view to manage the first rate herds prop erly. here's an enchanting and unique ebook, with a pref ace by His Excellency, Ken neth D. Kaunda, President of the Republic of Zambia, that's particularly encouraging for the future of wildlife on the en tire African continent. ■

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